Production Process of CS ~AlN~

After Combustion Synthesis, products are crushed into requested particle size (basically same as SiAlON)

Production Process of CS ~SiAlON & Si3N4~


What is AlN?

AlN is a ceramic with both high thermal conductivity & electric insulation. AlN is used widely for heat spreading material for semiconductors and electric parts, as its CTE is close to one of Si. Currently AlN began to use for LED. We provide samples of our AlN powder , which is made by our Combustion Synthesis method.

What are advantages of Combustion Synthesis Method to AlN production?

Combustion Synthesis is a inorganic synthesis method with use of heat from chemical reaction, that means external heating energy is not necessary. And it takes very short time for synthesis. It leads low cost of production in comparison to conventional inorganic synthesis processes. Combustion synthesis is one of the Direct Nitridation methods, then it needs crushing process for fine powder, which might increase impurity.

Typical Properties of AlN product

Products ~AlN~ Particle Distribution (Middle)

0.8% (test sample)
Impurity Under evaluation
- D50: 10μm (middle)
- D50: 50μm (coarse)
- D50:110μm (max.)
Sintered performances - Thermal
- Conductivity:197w/mk
Under evaluation

XRD Result of AlN

Data Sheet Download (Excel)